A Nutella pop up cafe at Harvey Nichols



All hail the mighty Nutella, king of the condiments, all presiding pancake filling, drunken dipping pot of champions, makeshift cake-icer and glorious banana enhancer. If God eats toast in the mornings, guaranteed s/he has it decadently oozing with hazelnut chocolate joy. Fact. What is also a fact is that finally, the people that be – at Harvey Nichols no less – have recognised Nutella’s heroic status in the hearts and minds of the British population and dedicated a long over-due pop up in the spread’s honour. Christmas has come early people, and it is in the shape of a hazelnut.

Set in an alpine lodge themed roof terrace on the fifth floor of the store, it will run for 8 weeks, giving you ample time to get chocolate on your chops. Dishes on offer include the Porridgella – that’s creamy Nutella porridge with banana pieces to us commoners – and Top O’ the morning trifle parfait. According to Latifa Alouache, senior head chef at the department store, this inventive combination of crumbled scones, yogurt, berries, Nutella and hazelnut ‘sounds like there’s a lot going on, but it tastes delicious and looks great.’ We’re sold.

You can check out the full breakfast menu below – and also know that if you have any (weird) friends who don’t like the nutty spread, they will also be serving avocado smash, eggs Benedict, Royale or Florentine, and smoothies. But to be honest if anyone you know doesn’t like Nutella, perhaps it’s time you considered no longer liking them. Or at least picking someone better to go for breakfast with.


Top o’ the morning trifle parfait – yogurt, raspberries, blueberries, scone pieces and a thick Nutella drizzle (£7)

Porridgella – Porridge with banana pieces and Nutella topping (£7)

Mini focaccia with Nutella – sliced in half and filled with Nutella (£7)

All Day

Home-made crepes with banana, strawberries, and Nutella (£8)

The pop-up will be open 8am – 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 11am – 6pm until January 8th.

Nutella pop up @ Harvey Nichols
109 – 125 Knightsbridge