A Yorkshire Pudding Menu at Reform Social & Grill.


Reform Social and Grill
are dedicating the month of February to the nation’s beloved Yorkshire Pudding!

The menu is split in two; savoury and sweet. The Savoury Yorkshire Platter is a trio of yorkshire puds, the first filled with succulent salt beef, horseradish, and water cress, the second with hot smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives and the third with the best of British Tunsworth cheese and truffle.

First in the Sweet category is a trio is a decadent chocolate and caramel yorkie, followed by a sugared doughnut-come-cream-tea-style pudding filled with clotted cream and jam, and a delicious banana and custard Yorkshire pudding to finish.

The idea is a rift on the ‘slider’ platter whilst keeping it as British as possible. Each platter of three mini puddings is £8 so there’s no reason not to try both!

The National Yorkshire Pudding Menu is available at Reform Social and Grill until Monday 29th Feb.
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