What the hell is this about? The London Sinner is a lifestyle guide telling you when, where and how to indulge in some of your deadliest sins within London and beyond.

Who the hell are you? Anyone can be a London Sinner, but if you’re asking who the face is behind the website, that’ll be me….Elsa Messi (previously from the food blog ‘Messi Palate’). I won’t be taking all the spotlight soon enough though, as there’ll be one or two contributors who’ll help me help you in finding, testing and writing about all the best places worth ‘sinning’ in/for.

Sinner hey? well lying is a sin, do you lie in your reviews?  I can honestly say that lying about a restaurant or venue isn’t the kind of sinning that’s welcomed here. All reviews whether independent or arranged will be 100% honest, and it’s pretty simple….. if I hated it, I won’t write about it.

How can I contact The London Sinner? editor@thelondonsinner.com (I don’t want your life story though)

PS: The London Sinner doesn’t condone any sins that aren’t part of the listed categories (apart from lust), you know like adultery, killing, stealing, etc, etc!

Lustful kisses
The London Sinner