Armpit-Sniffing Speed Dating hosted by Bompas & Barr.


Bompas & Parr
presents the world’s first armpit sniffing date night, where shared olfactory stimulation becomes a an unpredictable platform for the intimate exploration of our most infamous sweat glands.

We know that pheromones – the airborne compounds secreted in our sweat – play a role in sexual attraction. Our body odour is largely influenced by Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules, which are genetically determined and linked to the immune system.

In a small-scale revolt against the highly perfumed world of online-dating, they therefore invite guests to Alcoholic Architecture for a celebration of perspiration on the evening of Wednesday 27th April. A lecture into the science of scent and genetic compatibility will lead into a round of body shots supped from participants’ naked forms, designed to set the tone for getting up close and personal with a complete stranger’s pits, before it’s on to a choreographed nosing.

There are no rules on cleanliness and coiffure: all odour levels and hairstyles are fair game, however every participant will smell each other before grading their reactions on cards. Bompas & Parr will then link up matching odorous pairs to see if the sparks fly.

Tickets are priced at £10 and include entry to the bar and a welcome drink upon arrival. Guests can also sample the cloud chamber containing a specially created alcoholic fog inspired by Queen of Hungary Water, the first recorded alcohol-based perfume, formulated at the command of the Queen of Hungary.