Bella Cosa- A Fine Dining & Wining Experience – Canary Wharf



Bella Cosa
I want to play a game…don’t worry, I’m not luring you into some kind of Saw-esque traumatic and agonising experience that will have you amputating your own foot with a desert spoon, more of a harmless guessing game.

Where am I?… I’ll give you three clues:

  1. I’m the only place in London where people queue in single file for the tube.
  2. I uphold the same purpose as the Square Mile except I am based just off the Jubilee line, sustain a noticeable absence of City spice and I have a penchant for persistent high speed winds and financial securities.
  3. I look pretty at night and one of the buildings has a little man living in the top of its pyramid shaped crown, who insists on rhythmically turning his living room lights on and off (I’m referring to One Canada Square in case you hadn’t cottoned on to my ‘joke’).

Yes, I’m talking about Canary Wharf however, I dare you to branch out in this new fiscal year and wander past the Slug & Lettuce, avert thine eyes from Carluccios and venture just two stops away or a mere short walk along the river to South Quay and view the great Isle in all its glory from across the sparkling Thames.

And for what exactly…well nothing but Bella Cosa Restaurant which is a stunning glass-fronted haven serving contemporary Italian food, brought to you by Michelin-trained Executive Chef, Kentaro Tori who revives the concept of fine dining perfectly, marrying it with the delicate aesthetics of Japanese cuisine.

Dishes are sophisticatedly presented like some kind of edible exhibition at the Louvre, with light yet complex dishes featured on their pre-spring menu that include Dover sole, cauliflower puree, spring vegetables (blanched, fried and grilled), bergamot puree, black olive powder and a five fish Carpaccio comprised of fresh mackerel, octopus, kingfish, prawn, anchovy, oscietra caviar, salmon roe and lemon puree that is as easy on the eye as Margot Stanley in a bubble-bath and undoubtedly just as delicious.

Additionally, Bella Cosa’s wine collection is equally as impressive, claiming a full wall within its opulent surroundings and boasting fine wines for near and far however, predominantly from Italian wine regions including Puglia, Abruzzo and Marche. And never fear Limoncello is here and Bella Cosa have selected the artisan Staibano as their choice of digestive liquor, which is brand rarely sighted on a dining table in the UK.

Functionally, Bella Cosa is ideal for THE business lunch in the main dining room and/or for a lavish private function to remember, within a secluded Private Dining area shrouded in five-star table service. To add, it is literally, a stone’s throw away from the usual spots you lot would all lazily chose.

Executive Chef, Kentari Tori is with a doubt, an experienced gastronomic alchemist with an impressive stack of experience gained from Michelin credited restaurants including Bvlgari il Ristorante (Tokyo), Keisuke Matsushima (Nice) and El Coq (Japan) and plans to continually diversify Bella Cosa’s portfolio of plates as we saunter into summer, consistently reinventing the menu as well as offering stone-baked pizzas in the downstairs dining area when carbohydrates take the lead over nouvelle cuisine.

In short, it’s a wonderful experience you will not regret and it’s worth the 5-7-minute excursion from the norm.

Bella Cosa Restaurant
Drewry House
213 Marsh Wall, London
E14 9FJ