Beyond the Waterfall by Bompas & Parr – a mythical land, with mermen mixologists, real waterfalls, cabaret and more.


Beyond the waterfall - bompas and parr - westfield
If you’re sick of Christmas carols and fat Santa’s with questionable facial hair, take yourself off to Westfield – the luxurious, ironically named part called ‘The Village,’ – and celebrate the season with something a little (very) different. Beyond the Waterfall is set to be the most unique, visually beautiful festive adventure you’ll have this Christmas.

With a luscious mixing pot of inspiration from fairy tales, mythology and science fiction, go on a journey that will evoke the emotions and unbridled joy of the festive season while taking you somewhere you’ve never been before. And no, it is most definitely not Lapland or the elves workshop.

Venture across a 20 metre lagoon and through a real waterfall on a small boat. On the opposing shore you’ll find an Aladdin’s cave of joy, filled with piles of gem stones and leading you towards a secret cocktail bar where you will be happy to discover some mermen. Much better than baby Jesus. Bringing together an eclectic, irresistible mix of drag, music, cabaret, magic, wonder, music and theatre prepare to disbelieve your eyes and reach for another cocktail (mixed by a merman mixologist of course).

Beyond the Waterfall is one of inventive flavour purveyors Bompas & Parr’s most ambitious projects to date. Inspired by the narratives belonging to the most majestic mermen in literature, the cocktail bar at the heart of the experience means this grown-up treat can rival the seasonal experiences aimed at children.

Beyond the Waterfall is open from 9 – 23 December (subject to exclusions, see details on the website). Tickets are priced at £15 per person plus booking fee, and can be purchased here. Every visitor gets two drinks tokens to exchange at the bar.

Beyond the Waterfall
Westfield London
Ariel Way
Shepherds Bush
London W12 7GF