Bompass and Parr are back with a bang: an erotic climbing wall for Valentine’s Day



Outrageous experience designers Bompass & Parr return with a wacky new installation that offers a somewhat alternative take on a traditional Valentine’s Day date: an erotic climbing wall. Visitors to Grope Mountain (yes, really) are invited to tug their way to the top by grasping a variety of  “sensual holds” – stone penises, vaginas, breasts and bottoms (it’s not often we get to write all of those in the same sentence..) that have been cast from volunteers’ anatomies.

Grope Mountain originally launched at the Museum of Sex in New York as part of Funland, Bompass & Parr’s controversial immersive exhibition that included a giant bouncy castle of inflatable breasts.

“Climbing walls are perceived as a place for sport, wellbeing and fun, but they can be erotic too” suggests Harry Parr, co-founder of the design studio. Ged McDomhnaill of The Climbing Hangar, who collaborated on the project, said he hoped the installation would encourage people to engage in the reimagined sport, by bringing the “sense and sensuality” back to the moving body.

Grope Mountain takes place at The Climbing Hangar in Parsons Green and runs from the 11th-12th of February, 7pm-10pm. Tickets cost £10 p/p or £3 plus standard entry for members and each climber will also receive a complimentary Love Potion. Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough. We hope it’s all it’s cracked up to be. We’ll stop now.

Written by Saga Lynd