Duck & Waffle to open 2nd restaurant in Haymarket



The perennially popular Duck & Waffle, which has served over one million guests from its lofty perch on the 40th floor of The Heron Tower since opening in 2012; and is often booked out up to 6 weeks in advance despite being open 24 hours a day year round, is set to open a more down-to-earth little sister of a restaurant.

Duck & Waffle Local, opening this May in St James’s Market, will offer a similarly duck-centric menu but with a more accessible, affordable “fast-casual” concept: diners can expect speedy counter service before being seated and cocktails (pre-mixed by legendary mixologist Rich Woods) will be available on tap, along with similarly convenient wine and a selection of beers.

Fans of the original incarnation will be pleased to hear that several cherished dishes including The Full Elvis (a peanut butter, jelly, banana and peanut brittle waffle) and, of course, the eponymous Duck & Waffle have survived the journey. New offerings will include a duck burger with crispy duck leg; and the duck jam doughnut, a modern take on the sweet/savoury concept. A sumptuous variety of vegetable dishes (all strictly seasonal) will ensure that you get your five a day in the tastiest way possible.

Duck & Waffle Local seats 120 and will be open from 8am until 1am daily from May 2017.

Duck & Waffle Local
52 Haymarket
St James’s Market

Written by Saga Lynd