Everything £1 – Huge Vintage Pound Sale @ East End Vintage Clothing Store.



‘I’ll have these 5 skirts and 3 tops please’
‘That’ll be £8 please’
‘No, there must be a mistake, I have 8 items’.

This is how your conversation at the till could go if you head over to the East End Vintage Clothing Store this Saturday and Sunday from 11am (or perhaps before).

Why? Cos they’re doing a one-off sale where everything is (dare I say it)… £1!!

Expect around 40,000 vintage items for you to grab for a quid, all spread across a HUGE space. It won’t be bad quality clothing/accessories either, but great vintage finds (put it this way, you won’t be embarrassed if someone asks you where you got your new top from).

Expect to see dresses, skirts, blazers, winter coats and jackets, check shirts, denim, knitwear, sweats, blazers and much more.

Only cash will be accepted, and you should perhaps prepare to lose an arm as it doesn’t take a genius to know that it’ll be PACKED. Worth it.

*sings* ‘£1 fish clothing £1 fish clothing’ (apologies if you don’t get this reference).

March 21st and 22nd

Huge Vintage Pound Sale
Railway Arch 452 Robeson Street,
E3 4JA