Float Your Way to Health and Happiness with Floatworks


In a world where we are constantly connected….whether it be through social media, emails buzzing through, or a phone ringing off the hook….imagine being able to switch off from it all – and in the middle of London. Floatworks, the pioneers of floating in the UK, have just launched Christmas Gift Cards for the first time, allowing gift buyers to the give the ultimate present of wellbeing this festive season with up to a 30% discount.

Floating is the holistic health treatment of floating in a specially designed tank, filled with 1,000 pounds of magnesium-rich Epsom salt water so salty that you float without straining a muscle. Accompanied by a soft blue light and soothing music for the first 10 minutes, the floater then descends into a state of absolute bliss for a further 50 minutes as all senses are deprived of stimuli and the body gives way to total relaxation as it is suspended in the body temperature water. After the hectic Christmas period, there really is no better time for testing this revolutionary practice and feel all seasonal stress melt away.

Floatworks have launched three Gift Cards this year:

  • Single Float Gift Card, £40 (20% off usually £50)
  • 3 x Float Gift Card, £100 (25% off usually £135)
  • 5 x Float Gift Card, £140 (30% off usually £200)

Designed in the 50’s by a neurophysiologist, floating has gone from being a hippie flower power practice to a world-leading health and spa treatment that is being pushed to the forefront in the UK by Floatworks.

With extensive research confirming that floating can benefit sufferers from anxiety, PTSD, muscle injuries and depression, along with being a powerful tool for self-discovery, meditation and exploration, floating is the perfect practice for anybody and everybody.

Many athletes (Olympians, rugby, football and Super Bowl players) are being increasingly encouraged to float too to combat pain relief and muscular issues. It also has a loyal celebrity following with the likes of supermodel, Elle Macpherson (so that’s how she looks so good!) with the general floating community growing in numbers each day.

There is no price to put on a happy body and soul, yet for a very reasonable price tag, experience an enhanced wellness experience like no other with Floatworks – whether for yourself or a loved one.

To purchase a Floatworks Christmas Gift card, go online here