Pip & Nut: a gourmet peanut butter and toast bar at Selfridges




Veganuary participants and seasoned vegans alike should hotfoot it down to Selfridges Foodhall this month where nut butter entrepreneurs Pip and Nut are running a pop-up toast bar, featuring four deliciously creative toast recipes from their new cookbook. Served on your choice of either sourdough or rye toast, toppings include marinated strawberries & almond butter, peanut butter, grated apple & maple syrup, peanut butter, fresh chilli, lime & coriander and avocado; and almond butter & spiced seeds.

At £3 per slice or £5 for two it’s not exactly a frugal option; but with no palm oil or dairy and containing plenty of protein, vitamin E and heart-boosting omega oils, it’s one treat that your body will thank you for as well as your tastebuds!

The Pip and Nut Toast Bar is open daily between 8am and 1230pm until the 12th of February.


Written by Saga Lynd