Gymbox and Stubhub create a festival fitness class at Gym Box Farringdon



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We’re all a little sick of being told we have to look a certain way to be “Beach Body Ready” – put your body on the beach and you’re good to go, in our opinion. So for a different spin on summer fitness, how about being Crowd Surf Ready?

Gymbox in Farringdon have teamed up with Stubhub to bring you a fun and exhilarating class to ensure you get the most out of music festivals this summer.

Expect a high energy class that will put you through your festival paces, training the muscles needed to dance the day/ night away as well as the optimum way to lift and be lifted for a true crowd-surfing experience!

You’ll be stretching, lunging, jumping and lifting each other for a breathless 45 minutes that seems to fly by in no time at all.

Classes, which start at £10 (free for members) start on the 14th of July at 12.15 and run every Thursday for 6 weeks.

20 Farringdon Road

Written by Saga Lynd