‘Just Friends’ dating party with Social Concierge – Beaver Lodge, SW10.


beaver lodge 1
They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so with that in mind, invite-only dating club Social Concierge is putting on a ‘Just Friends’ party at Chelsea playpen Beaver Lodge on Friday 20th March.

The idea is to book with a member of the opposite sex who you don’t want to date. Kinda like a subtle way of saying, ‘You’re not for me but I’m sure someone will want ya…”

SC ‘crowd mixologists’ will do intros on the night as well as eccentric couple, The Wellsley-Birrells, to loosen up the crowd.

The concept has produced some pretty debauched parties on both sides of the Atlantic. Recently launched in New York, ‘Just Friends’ took over No. 8 (fave hangout of Jordan Dunn and Kylie Kloss) and in London, previous ‘Just Friends’ parties have long attracted some eligible sorts (myself included, back when I was single!).

Created by the team behind Maggie’s, Barts and Bunga Bunga, Beaver Lodge is Chelsea’s newest late night joint; a place that promises “good whiskey, good times and crazy shindigs”, as well as an addictive photobooth.

‘Just Friends’ is open to all Social Concierge members. For access to tickets apply to the dating club. Membership is a mere £20pcm, including free party tickets and welcome drinks.

Use SINNER as your reference on the application form to fasttrack your application.

 Just Friends @ Beaver Lodge
266 Fulham Road
SW10 9EL