Liq My Juicy Meat at – Meat Liquor


Situated in Welbeck Street W1, is the ever popular burger joint Meat Liquor and believe me when I say it is the talk of the town. I have been hearing so much outstanding feedback about this place that i’m a bit embarrassed that it took me 5 weeks from the launch to finally visit, especially as it’s just a stroll away from me Can you believe that even my veggie friends are banging on about it? Oh the Irony.

I had such a skip in my step whilst I was en route to this carnivores playground, you could smell the meaty aroma from about 10 doors down. It was approximately 7pm on a tuesday and there was already a queue consisting of 10-15 hungry tigers. Their queue policy is as follows…
‘If there is a Q when you arrive, you join the end of it. NO exceptions, EVEN if your friend / date / boss / probation officer / master / gimp is already inside. Ta‘.
Well there went my masterplan out of the window. Was it worth the 10 minutes of lining up in the freezing cold? ABSO-EFFING-LOUTELY.

We were seated with another twosome to be greeted by our waitress who literally must’ve been the happiest person on earth, her enthusiasm levels were so high it was contagious and it was not a phoney/draining ‘I want to punch you in the face’ over enthusiasm either.

The menu does what it says on the tin and didn’t consist of many choices, which of course did not matter. We  went for the signature dishes that seemed to be raping my twitter feed. The infamous Bufallo wings and onion wings for starters, followed by the chilli cheeseburger for myself whilst my friend opted for the messy chilli cheesedog.

I honestly cannot stress enough (without sounding like a KFC advert) how succulent the wings were and how the hot sauce made me grin from ear to ear, i must have looked like a complete weirdo. I’ve had my share of buffallo wings and it is rare to get that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ attribute for the sauce to hit you in all the right spots and with just the perfect level of spice. My buddy and I seemed to have a mutual appreciation as we ate in silence for a while just to be able to conecentrate on the party taking place in our mouths that those wings had caused.

Our main courses arrived on the same platter, 2 minutes after our starters with no cutlery. The bun of my burger was glistening and the chilli dog was huge. I had to forget about any dining ettiquette, I couldn’t wait any longer and took a bite pronto. The result of my verdict to put it in simple terms – Literally amongst the best burger I have ever tasted.
The press , bloggers, tweeters were absolutely correct in their positive feedback and Meat Liquor certainly deserve their popularity and fame which I have no doubt will last more than ’15 minutes’ too.

The beef was perfectly pink, the chilli sauce was not too overpowering and the bun was so so soft with a hint of sweetness, like a brioche. I did not taste the chilli dog but judging by my friend’s constant mmm’s and praises, could tell he loved it very much so and he’s one of those annoying guys who ‘Only do Michelin darling.’ Sigh!

So if you’re looking for a buzzing atmosphere, great service, impeccable value for money (about £8 a burger max), a mix of crowd and most importantly, a place where it is all about the meat  with great attention to detail then grab your coat and head over to Meat Liquor . Porn for meat lovers.

Meat Liquor
74 Welbeck Street

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