Scare B&B – The most terrifying overnight experience. Are you brave enough?


scare bnb outcast
Forget the Bates Motel or the hotel from American Horror Story, the most terrifying overnight experience is about to open its doors in London (on the site of Jack the Ripper’s final murder to be exact) and it’s FREE to stay. Outcast’s Scare B&B will recreate the chilling, immersive setting of the heart-stopping new thriller Outcast (from the makers of The Walking Dead) which premieres on FOX on 7th June.

Outcast’s ‘Scare B&B’ will run for three nights from Monday 6th June and the abode will take on a demonic life of its own by night, thanks to inspired special effects choreographed by magic mastermind Alan Rorrison, creative consultant for Dynamo and Troy.

Expect creepy effects creating the sense of demonic possession, the central theme of the tense new drama. Drawers will fly open, the bed will come to life, bulbs will smash and whispers will plague guests throughout the night using directional sound. But the most terrifying effects will remain a secret until the bed and breakfast opens its doors.

Daytime viewings will also be bookable on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th June for those who aren’t lucky enough – or brave enough – to stay the entire night. Both versions of the experience are FREE for those who dare to try it out.

If you have the balls, register your interest by emailing your name, age and a reason for your stay to or call 0207 534 4849 and ask for the landlord.

The ‘Scare B&B’ is open for a limited time only but if this trial proves successful, it could be making its way to a town near you.  You have been warned…