REVIEW: Aristocrat – A New Nightclub Gem In The Mayfair Crown


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With the success of #savefabric and a string of ever-evolving queue jump apps, we think it’s fair to say London nightlife isn’t dead (well not THAT dead). Despite statistics stating millenials are now partying less than ever (including us quite frankly), the Mayfair scene remains strong and fresh, most recently welcoming Aristocrat. A newly opened nightclub venture backed by London’s elite party people and a host of even better promoters.

Taking over the space at 9 Swallow Street, formally Toy RoOm, Aristocrat is an intimate venue adorned with busts, skulls and a nod to the baroque-era. Aristocrat are keeping it so cool that they’re primary night will be Monday followed by the traditional Friday and Saturday. Hoping to attract the elite fashion x art x jetset crowd, Aristorcrat are staying true to their name allowing up to 100 in at a time.

The club houses 16 bottle service tables, Europe’s most coveted DJs and London’s toughest doormen. Getting inside this place isn’t going to be easy. So call in all the favours you can and head down to Mayfair’s newest subterranean retreat.

9 Swallow Street