REVIEW: Pizzas, pies and some serious cider at Stable, Kew Bridge


pizza, pies and cider at the stable in kew bridge
Cheap as chips. Not a phrase often associated with eating out in London’s salubrious Kew or Chiswick. Luckily for residents, or those visiting the gardens, Stable has come up from the West Country to treat all us jaded Londoners to pizzas, pies, and some seriously good cider without forcing you to remortgage your flat to pay for it.

The team at Stable will confidently tell you they have a cider for every taste, meal accompaniment and palate, and after having their cider tasting (essential for the full Stable experience, and to work out where your cider tastes lie) we are inclined to agree. They do have over 60 varieties so tell your knowledgeable waiter/waitress what kind of flavours you like and they’ll find you one you’d be happy to bathe in. If you really are adamant that the scrumpy isn’t for you, they also have beer on tap, and a really decent Sauvignon to get stuck into as well as other wines. Most pleasantly surprising of the evening, they have a range of aged ciders. The Somerset Shipwreck cider brandy at 43% is not to be missed.

But it’s the food that is perhaps even more exciting than the booze. Their pizzas are unashamedly un-Italian, and actually all the better for it. Topped with generous, inventive flavours in high quality West Country ingredients – such as their  ‘Billy the Kid’; Rosary goats’ cheese, caramelised onions, field mushrooms, and spinach, topped with roasted hazelnuts.

There are also some site specific pizzas, based on location, so whichever of Stable’s restaurants you go to, the menu will be different, a great touch. An even better one is their four pizza strong vegan menu, because who said the virtuous don’t deserve to eat the good stuff too?

If pizzas not taking your fancy, their pies certainly will. Hand crafted in bath, these bad boys are seriously weighty, but impossible to not finish. Served with herb roasted potatoes the size of your hand, a piquant pickled onion and tomato chutney and classic flavours with a twist. We tried the ‘Wild Rooster,’ chicken, gammon and leek with a thyme crust, it was so hearty and delicious it was difficult to pick a favourite between pizza or pie. Best to go with friends and convince/force them to share.

If you are a strong-willed person who can look at bread and pastry and reject them in favour of salad, you will likely be happier than you usually are when out for dinner at Stable. They do a range of delicious sounding mixed leaves with interesting ingredients to stop you feeling like a rabbit – case in point – the Fennel roasted butternut squash and feta, served with mizuna lettuce, roasted mixed seeds, raw grated beetroot and carrot, lambs tongue leaves, baby basil and a harissa spiced yoghurt dressing. Fancy.

If you aren’t too full, or actually even if you are, pudding here is a must. Their baked caramelised apple and ginger cheesecake, topped with sticky pecan praline and served with chocolate toffee sauce, as well as clotted cream may make you cry with joy. Especially if you wash it down with the aforementioned cider brandy. They also do three different types of hot chocolate, coffees, and a cheese board of champions. If you come hungry, you’ll leave happy.

Unit 128
Kew Bridge Road

Written by: Ruby Harrison