REVIEW: TwoRuba – sophisticated cocktails at The Hilton Tower Bridge


two ruba review
Booze-hounds from all over the Capital are spoilt for choice of late, with stylish tipples and playful concoctions now being lovingly crafted at a wide array of speakeasy’s and trendy cocktail bars. We like to try and source you a little hidden gem every now and then though, and recently found ourselves a little giddy and cross-eyed in TwoRuba.

Located just off the foyer at the London Hilton Tower Bridge, TwoRuba is a lavishly decorated bar specialising in champagne cocktails and more. And when we say more, we mean go on a school night at your own risk…these drinks are highly addictive, well balanced and expertly crafted by extremely confident (yet in no way snooty) bar staff.

We took a few (in a world where a few means around 10) cocktails for a test spin. Signatures such as the Dare Devil were amongst our favourites, a fun and playful mix of Chilli, Strawberry, Mint, Tanquaray Gin, Strawberry and Elderflower syrup. Sweet to start, with a surprisingly spicy after note for the inner chilli-fiend in you. Also highly rated, the Smoking In 1816, Cherry infused Johnnie walker, Lagavulin & Cinnamon Sugar, as well as the Fruitasia, Vodka, Lime juice, Strawberry, Lemon juice & Orange Curd.

And should you get peckish (alcohol can do that), all bar snacks are supplied by none other than Jamie Oliver’s Italian.

Go on, just one drink. Just……one…….

5, More London Place