Shhh Dating @ The Jam Tree Clapham SW4


sssh dating

The Jam Tree Clapham and Shhh Dating have teamed up for a special event on 24th September, giving  Londoners the chance to find love through silence (see, the silence treatment does work).

Love (well, lust) happens at first sight, a single look can say a thousand words and a face can launch a thousand
ships…these are all the main principles of Shhh Dating, a new dating concept that has become hugely popular in London.

On the evening, warm ups are done to make everyone feel relaxed, comfortable and happy before the silent flirting games begin where Shhh daters can practice eye gazing and find the right connection before they find the right words.

Tickets are priced at £20 and are cheaper when booked with a single friend of the opposite sex. If you don’t meet at least 1 person you’d like to meet again at a Shhh dating event, your next ticket is half price.

The event is at The Jam Tree Clapham so expect a blend of British and Colonial-inspired food, unique cocktails, vibrant interiors and a friendly atmosphere where ladies can prepare to flutter their eyelashes and men can work their Casanova smiles at one another.

Shhh Dating @ The Jam Tree Clapham
13 – 19 Old Town