The Bletchley – a cryptic world of coded cocktails. In a war room!



The bletchley london - abq cocktails
We’ve got a big secret. Actually we have lots of secrets, but we’re going to tell you this one because we trust you, but it’s VERY confidential, so be sure to keep it schtum.

Lollipop, the masterminds behind ABQ (the Breaking Bad themed bar) and Bunyadi (London’s first naked restaurant), are bringing their next fun, kooky installment to hipsters, foodies and fun-time thrill-seekers in the form of Bletchley Park. What’s Bletchley Park I hear you ask? You may not have heard about it, and for good reason.

Bletchley Park was a top-secret government run operation, that recruited the brightest minds of our great nation in order to build a machine capable of unlocking highly confidential battle codes from the biggest threat to the nation at the time…The Nazi’s. Some historian’s say Alan Turing’s wartime machine helped World War 2 come to it’s end up to four year early, and helped shape computing as we know it to this day.

Lollipop have drawn inspiration and gone on a recruitment drive of their own, searching high and wide for a highly-skilled team of Mixologists, who will escort you into their “war room” and assist you in inputting key information into their own cipher machine. Your information, alcoholic preferences, favourite colours and even favourite odours will then be broken down to help create a list of base ingredients. Then using old fashioned radio-style telephones, your information will be transmitted to Bletchley Park’s back office, where their expert team will decipher your intel and dream up your perfect cocktail. No two cocktails should be the same, and at the end of your experience, you’ll be gifted with a sealed envelope that holds your own brew’s ingredients to take home (so you can make it again, not quite so expertly!).

This sounds to us like a truly unique experience, with Lollipop saying “We believe this will make The Bletchley the first bar to create an immersive, signature cocktail experience entirely designed and catered to the tastes, desires and personality of the patron.”

Don’t think we can disagree with that, sign us up.

Oh, and don’t worry, this message won’t now self destruct. Computers are expensive.

Location TBC