Torture Kittens Vice – Killing Kittens & Torture Gardens explore the 7 deadly sins.


torture kittens
On February 28th in a secret Fitzorvia location, join Torture Kittens for a self indulgent journey though the seven deadly sins. Mixing Torture Garden’s sensory overload with the notorious Killing Kittens debauchery, it’s going to be a match made in hedonistic indulgent hell.

Expect an inferno within the back chambers of an equipped dungeon for those who are brave enough to dabble in the dark arts,  a Kitten play area, a dance floor where you can get down to the dirtiest house tracks.

Escape to the chill out lounge to catch your breath, recharge and enjoy a moth vodka cocktail before your next round in the belly of the beast.

Tickets : £80 Couples for £30 Single Ladies.

Dress Code:  The Seven Deadly Sins. Dressing up and masks are compulsory.

Strictly for couples and single girls only. 18-50 yrs approved by TG or KK club only.